I think I've been selfish lately. and im sorry.

My dad called me a little headbanger. that made me happy. and I finally figured out that over all. I like metal more than anything else. I get to see my dad at the end of the month. Yay.

I think I'm gonna go to the show on saturday Yo. ya know. I find that I'm saying ya know alot and I think it's because I hear ashley say it alot to me. and it kinda stuck. haha. and same with doing this wierd shaky thing with my arms. Emily on my volleyball team does it and now a lot of us do. It's wierd. I also picked up the habit of saying fricken. well i guess its better than saying Fuck.

Yesssss.Lamb Of God. So good.

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I can't find my fucking wallet with all my fucking money it. It had a lot of fucking money in it too. its somewhere in my fucking room. but i dont know where. Fucking Fuck fuck fuck. I'm so fucking mad. Fuck. Fucking Hell. Fuck and im behind in my fucking school work and shit. FUck.

p.s- Happy birthday baby Jesus

p.p.s- there is no baby jesus. FUck.


Didn't Think So

I think most people get sick of me when I like someone. Cause when I do like someone. I like them alot. and its just. Like. I dont know. But I really like  **** alot. even though we just met. Its just like one of those things and like yeah.

Read it. I took me awhile

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Yes. It's my stupid lame attempt of a poem of past and i guess present situations. Sums most of them up. I guess. Yeeeeeeees. I don't know. I felt like crying for the longest time today. But I think I'm all cried out.



Bamn. BamN? What the hell I Just noticed I typed that.

Yeah so. WithABulletAndAKiss is too long. but i tried.... ABulletAndAKiss. that works. so yeah Im think of that.some mofos took girlinglass and kissthesky.soo poo to that. andddd I like BurnYourDream. So Its either ABulletAndAKiss or BurnYourDream. I'll Probably decide later on.

Today as so boring. and my hair is so static-ey(?) I hate it. I Also Have Sooooo much homework. ahhh wtf deannas walking down the street to my house...gonna go see what the hell she wants. she just came to get her stuff and see me. Holyman im such a looossserrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Does anyone wanna see a movie with me on wednesday or friday? at Polo Park? cause im the biggest loser and i found out that **** works there. Ahh. Yes.

Friends Only

I want to make a new Lj. thats friends only. cause you know. I just want to. but im too lazy to change all my entries to friends only. so. I need some ideas of what to change my name to. Heres a list of names that i fancy







Yeah 4 of them are from bleeding through lyrics and the last is a himsa song. I personally like the lyric ones better. Cause they're all from killer songs. so You know. Comment on which ones you like the most and We'll See. PLEASE comment on which ones. and ill let you know which One I made.

P.s -im a loser and I updated a lot today.

P.p.s? - If you didnt guess the coincidence in my last post. which was up for about like half an hour before I posted this its the Name. Shhhhh.

Does Anyone Else See This Big Coinkidink?(Coinsidence)

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You go on a date to: To the Airport: he’ll drive you there without telling you where you’re going, Once you’re there he’ll lay a blanket out on the roof of his car and the two of you will climb up there and lie talking over pedro the lion playing softly in the background.
He calls you: Baby
He secretly wants to: Have sex with you at school
His quirky mannerisim: liking S&M
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...........Whoa ho hooooo.

Valentines Day Is For Losers.

I said 'Valentines Day Is For Losers' cause you know its sooo true. and then laura was like ' only because you don't have a valentine' which is also so true. I've never had one. yeah i know sad eh? Anyways I forgot to mention that on friday. That. Ashley and I . shared a special moment.    AKA    a KISS. It was like a total accident. I was gonna tell her something and she leaned the same way I leaned. you know? stuff happens. She liked it. ALOT. hahaha. Yeah. soo. there's my little shingamajig. oh yeah

My team got first place in the tournament we went to today at john pritchard.  we only lost 1 game. and yeah thats lyke so totally awesum omG!!!111oneone!!!1. yeah I played ALL the games which was like 1 then a break then like 5 in a row. cause i rock. anyywayys. Yes. So guess who still has a CRUSH. Woooooooo. Miss Magic (aka Ashley) Is like the greatest. I BELIEVE IN YOU.. ( :    .   and the coolest thing to do these days is to comment on ashleys journal. so do it now.


Woooo. Keep It Real hommies.



I Like You.

Jesus murphy muffins. Finally ! Underneath the cut it my friday night. You Have To Read It.

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I think you should read my friday night cause it was spectactular. I also took Some pictures earlier on tonight. Cause I got bored and my friends are losers and don't hang out with me. </font>



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oh yeah. and today i sat around and then i went and saw white noise. freakky movie guys.