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Go Kill The Lights.

4 September
Some people tell me I'm mature for my own age, I like to believe them. I can be a bitch if I don't like you. I like to write bad poetry and attempt to draw. I tend to curse more than usual. I like my lame jokes, I like it even better when other people do. I don't like smiling alot because I Hate my braces.

a perfect circle, a7x, accepting silence, afi, alexisonfire, anatomy of a ghost, atreyu, autopilot off, avenged sevenfold, bad poetry, beleive, bif naked, black and white, bleed the dream, bleeding through, blindside, blood, boyfriend, boys, boys kissing, brat attack, closet monster, coffins, cold, coldplay, crackers, cradle of filth, crowned king, cucumbers, cursing, cussing, dancing, davey havok, death by stereo, death of fall, death of seasons, deathless ones, eating, eighteen visions, febreeze, feel the warmth, from autumn to ashes, fuck, funeral for a friend, gasoline rainbow, girlfriend, girls, glow, glue, grace, gravy train!!!, guns, gwen stefani, halloween, hate, headbanging, high horse, him, himsa, hopesfall, humping, jack off jill, jake richardson, jumping, kidneytheives, killer ky, killswitch engage, kiss my shoe, lamb of god, liquid eyeliner, lost boys, love, making out, marylin manson, misfits, moneen, mooching, mosh, mrow, no doubt, palm mute, pansy, pantsing, photography, pirate, pissed off, poison the well, pout, pringles, protest the hero, purple, pushing, queen of the damned, rice, robin black, romance, ryan wombacher, sitting, smile, smooching, sneezing, sorry about tomorrow, stalking, standing, static-x, straight edge, strength through wounding, sushi, swearing, sxe, system of a down, the brat attack, the distillers, the f-ups, the new aesthetic, the reception, thorn, tonight, tsunami bomb, twist another fairy tale, vain, warmness on the soul, wheels on the bus, winnipeg, zacky vengeance